JKN Advokat is expanding with several new employees and partners

JKN Advokat is the upstart that specializes in construction law. Now JKN Advokat is taking the next step with a number of new partners and employees. The firm consolidates its position as one of the leading agencies in the construction sector.

JKN Advokat was started in 2016 by Johan K Nilsson and Petter Nilsson. In a short time, the agency has become a well-known name in the construction sector. Clients include construction companies, installers, builders, industrial companies, consultants, funds, real estate companies.

In the autumn of 2020, the lawyers joined Bo Nordberg, Cecilia Vesslén, Joakim Hellgren, Magnus Wollsén and Robin Lundgren. Today, the agency consists of 14 employees and in total the agency has solid experience.

- We know each other well, we have often been on each side in disputes and processes. Over time, we have come to appreciate the "other person's" competence and knowledge, says Johan K Nilsson, lawyer and partner.

The latest to join is Lars Braun, former General Counsel at Peab.

- With great pleasure, we welcome Lars to JKN Advokat. His experience from Peab and previously also at Skanska adds great value for our clients. Together at JKN, we can offer legal expertise of the highest quality, says Joakim Hellgren, lawyer and partner.

- For many clients, we have the role of house lawyer. We assist in all legal matters, from conducting in-company training to reviewing tender documents and representing or assisting clients in negotiations. Our processing is fast and cost-effective, says Johan K Nilsson, lawyer and partner.

- In our industry, there is always more to learn, the pace is high. It is absolutely crucial that we have a nice culture and have fun together. Then we develop and it creates a work environment that more people want to be a part of, concludes Johan K Nilsson, lawyer and partner.

For more information, please contact Joakim Hellgren, Robin Lundgren, Bo Nordberg, Lars Braun, Magnus Wollsén, Petter Nilsson or Johan K Nilsson. Contact information is available here.

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