LL.M., Stockholm University



Partner, JKN Advokat

2020 -

Partner, Magnus Wollsén Advokat AB


Partner, Wollsén Albinsson Advokatbyrå

2015 - 2020

Partner, Advokatfirman DLA Nordic

2014 - 2015

Lawyer and Partner, Advokatfirman Foyen

1998 - 2013

Assessor / acting councilor, Stockholm District Court, Reinforcement Unit

1996 - 1998

Court of Appeal assessor, Svea Court of Appeal


District Attorney, Köping District Court and Huddinge District Court

1994 - 1995

Law Clerk, Huddinge District Court, Handens District Court and the Swedish Enforcement Agency

1991 - 1993


Entreprenad- och konsulträtt, tvistlösning


Magnus regularly assists construction companies, organizations, insurance companies and public bodies in construction law matters, including everything from training, contract writing, negotiations, out-of-court negotiations in disputes to assisting in general court proceedings and arbitration proceedings. Magnus also has ongoing assignments as an arbitrator and is often hired as a course leader. Together with another, he has written a book about turnkey contracts on ABT 06.

Magnus has a background as a judge through his seven years in court, including as acting councilor at the Stockholm District Court's Reinforcement Unit. The unit was created to work on the balances - especially older and more extensive goals - at the district court. Since August 1998, he has in principle worked exclusively with contract law, including issues relating to damages, insurance and consulting liability.